The ultimate guide to shipping heavy furniture

When they need to move, most people want to bring their entire household with them. It is expected since you are moving to an unfamiliar town, and you want to have something familiar with you. Some do it because it is already too expensive to move, so they do not want to spend additional money on buying new furniture. Relocating your heavy furniture is not easy, especially if you are moving from Japan to USA. For this reason, here is the ultimate guide to shipping heavy furniture. Make sure to follow the steps for shipping heavy items since they can easily get damaged. 

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You can ship your heavy furniture through freight carriers

Shipping heavy furniture with a good moving company 

You should find a good reliable moving company when you are moving, especially since this is an international move. Here are some ways how you can find one for your move. 

  • Ask your friends and family – if someone you know moved recently and it is very satisfied with their moving company, then you can hire the same. 
  • Search on the Internet – type in international moving companies and see what comes up.  
  • Visit official websites – while you are browsing, visit several official websites. See if they offer international moving services, such as shipping heavy furniture. 

In addition to this, if you are looking for a moving company only using the Internet, make sure to read moving reviews. See if people are generally satisfied with their services. Lastly, check if a certain moving company that you like the best has a license issued by either the FMSCA or the BBB. 

How to ship your furniture 

Here is the breakdown of the most important steps. 

  • Ship on a proper pallet – heavy items are best shipped when you secure them to a wooden or plastic pallet. 
  • Choose durable packing material – your items are in danger if you do not use the durable packing material 
  • Wrap and cushion the items – disassemble the furniture if you can and then place heavy parts in the center of the box. Secure them with a layer of air pillows so they will not move. 
  • Add another box – if you can, add another box and put air pillows as well.  
  • Seal the boxes – seal your boxes with fiber-glass reinforced water-activated tape.  
  • Do not make boxes too heavy – overly heavy boxes can cause damage. 
  • Give it a shake – when you pack and seal the box, shake it. If you cannot hear the movement, then you did a good job. 
  • Find good storage Tokyo 
boxes leaning on cardboard box
Find durable moving boxes for your heavy items

All the tips for shipping heavy furniture 

As you can see, these would be all the important tips and steps for shipping heavy furniture. Find a good moving company and make sure to pack your furniture properly. For more information, visit the official page of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. You can even contact them directly if you cannot find the information that you need on their website. 

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