Shipping heavy items guide

When it comes to shipping heavy items, sometimes civilians send them, and sometimes companies do. In both cases shipping, heavy items can be costly and logistically challenging but with few tricks, you can manage it. Most shipping companies have no problem shipping hard items but make sure you pick one you know is good at it. Always try to find moving companies with great reviews for the service you need. Even better, ask your friends or other company owners to recommend you a moving company that they know is reliable and experienced with heavy item moving.

What can you do?

Moving a heavy item is never easy. When items are big and heavy, there is never a uniform way of moving them. There is going to be a solution-finding process and you will have to give it some time to figure out just how to do it. Other than this, you will need to do some other things:

  • Get the right packing supplies, so the shipping heavy items can be safe, like water-activated tape
  • Pack the item so it can’t get damaged
  • Use cushions, separators and packing supplies
  • Disassemble the items so you can pack more parts that are not as heavy
  • Once you finished packing, make sure that the items can’t move inside the box
  • If you are sending a heavy package, measure its size and weight, and check how much the shipping will cost you
  • Make sure you get the insurance for your item so you are sure you won’t be damaged at the end of this transaction
Shipping heavy items- a moving truck
If you pack the item the right way, it will not get damaged in the moving truck

Getting high-quality shipping and transporting company is the most important thing, Make sure to go through the reviews and get the best moving company.

Safety should be your priority

When it comes to shipping your items, you should be aware that somebody can get hurt. Especially if they are big and heavy. Door to door cargo transport is a great way to ship, but it is not always possible if the items are really heavy. You need to be aware that there are measures you can take to make sure nobody gets hurt. Hiring professional movers and transporting companies should mean that your item is in secure hands.


When it comes to big and heavy items, the best way to ship is to disassemble it until instead of one heavy item you have a lot of less heavy items. This way the shipping will be less complicated and easier. These boxes should be labeled so you know exactly what part of the item is in which box. This way, assembling will be much easier. if you are moving from Japan to USA, this will be the best way to ship heavy items as well.

Shipping heavy items- moving boxes
If you disassemble your item and pack it in multiple boxes, you will ship it easier

Packing supplies should be high-quality ones

If it is possible, get the best packing supplies possible. High-quality packing supplies can make a difference between successful and unsuccessful heavy item shipping. This includes:

  • moving boxes,
  • declarations and labels,
  • duct tape or water-activated tape,
  • packing peanuts, packing cushions and other necessary packing supplies.

Making sure your item is packed properly will assure you that your item is shipped and delivered undamaged. If you are not sure you will be able to pack the item properly by yourself, get the packing service. Your item will be packed so it is secure this way and it’s not likely it will get damaged.

Packing should be done professionally

Every time you start packing, think about the way professional packers would do it. This means you need to check every packed part of the item. Line the moving boxes with packing paper and put the packing peanuts inside. The item should be placed and covered with packing peanuts until the box is filled. Once you do that, seal the box using duct tape or water-activated tape. Move the box around to make sure the item can’t move in the box since it’s not likely that they will damage this way. If the item must be loaded directly on the moving truck, you should get the heavy lifting service. This way you know that it will be loaded successfully.

Shipping palette
Your item should be handled by professionals, from packing to moving and loading

Packing cushions and additional boxes

Once the item is disassembled and packed, make sure you use the packing cushions. This way item will not get damaged. If you managed to disassemble it, all of the moving boxes should be packed in one larger box. This way you will be sure that all of the boxes are moved safely. Leave enough space between the boxes and put packing cushions in between. One large box might be heavy as well, but at least the items inside are packed safely and won’t damage.

How much will it cost

If you need to know how much this move will cost, you can measure the length and weight of the item you are shipping. Get the online free moving estimate so you can get the price for the measurements you have. If you like that more, you can simply call your moving company and ask for the prices. This way you know exactly how much money you need. Some moving companies are not able to give you this information but most know how to calculate it.

Insurance is a must

When shipping big and heavy items, you should get the insurance. This way you will be sure that even if your item gets damaged, you will get the money. It is the best way not to lose your money while shipping heavy items. Get in touch with your shipping or moving company to get more information about the insurance for your heavy item shipment.

a man signing a document
Getting insurance can make a difference between successful and unsuccessful transport

Dealing with shipping heavy item that is big as well can be hard and can cost you a lot of money. But in some cases, you just need to do it. Make sure you do it the smartest way possible and with the least amount of effort necessary. This is the only way to make sure your item will be packed and delivered safely and without damage. Getting insurance is another way to make sure you won’t be damaged if the item is lost or broken.

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