Long term storage

There are many reasons why you would need a long term storage unit. However, finding the right one is often a difficult part. With so many storage units in Japan, you might find looking for one hard. Or, it can be that there is a great storage unit, but it just doesn’t meet your needs when it comes to proximity or reliability. However, not all is lost! Japan Relocation Services has an amazing pick of wonderful, reliable and great storage units all around the country! With just a simple call, you will get yourself the best long term storage Tokyo has to offer!

long term storage Tokyo units
We are the company that offers you safe and reliable storage units!

The reasons why you would need to look for long term storage Tokyo

As we already mentioned, you might have a lot of reasons to search for a storage unit that works long term:

  • you might be a traveler, and carrying all your items around with you just doesn’t work. By leaving them in some reliable storage units Japan, you can move around freely and cut your costs down at the same time;
  • also, you might feel like you just have too many items, but you can’t get rid of them. Instead, you can leave them in long term storage Tokyo and downsize your home in this manner;
  • renovating your house not only takes up your time, but also space. It is damaging to your items and you will want to put them somewhere safe. This is where our long term storage units come into play;
  • a lot of companies use long term storage to keep their assets inside. All your paperwork, equipment and the things you don’t use daily can go into a safe unit. There, they can wait for the day to come for them to shine again;
  • finally, you might be looking into earning some money and renting a room in your home. To prepare it for the renters, you will want to remove all the clutter from it! And where else would they go, then in our perfect storage units?

As you can see, the reasons for renting the storage unit for a longer period of time are many! Now, let’s take a look at what makes Japan Relcoation Services stand out from other storage renting companies!

Our long term storage Tokyo is safe and secure!

One of the most important things for people looking into renting a long term storage unit is for it to be safe and secure. They simply want to be able to rest at ease while their items are away. At Japan Relocation Services, we are very aware of this fact. This is why our storage facilities and units are both well-protected and can guarantee the safety of your items.

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We care for you – so we offer safe storage units!

This protection has many aspects. Whether it is our long term or short term storage, we make sure that the facilities are secure. We have monitoring around the clock, with people on the site at all times as well. This way, we can stop any burglary from happening at ease! What’s more, if something were to happen, we also offer great insurance policies you can look through. With them, you will have double security at our storage facility!

But it is not only theft that we protect you from! Each of our storage units is carefully created to have only the best conditions for your items. This way, we are protecting your boxes from their worst enemies – mold, moisture, dust and critters! None of these will appear in our long term storage Tokyo, and thus we offer the best possible conditions for your items!

Climate controlled units at your disposal

From time to time, there are items that require special care when placing into a long term storage unit. Usually, this is the temperature at which you need to keep these items. Being aware of this, we have multiple climate-controlled units for you! This way, you can leave your precarious items in our care without worrying something will happen to them.

AC unit
At Japan Relocation Services, we offer great climate-controlled units to keep your items safe and sound!

We are able to take care of all your paintings, electronics or wood furniture. What’s more, we can even help you with storing your electronic gadgets and similar items. A lot of people run into problems with these because of their inexperience. For example, an improper way of storing electronics means that you can damage their batteries or circuits. Thanks to the years of working in the industry, we can help you deal with this with ease!

Japan Relocation Services off professional help and advice

But this is not all! What makes us the best company in Tokyo is that we offer professional help, tips and tricks. We really care about your satisfaction. This has been our number one priority since the day we were created. For that reason, we work hard in meeting all your needs. This applies both to moving and storage, and even the other special services that we offer!

When working with us, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. We are thoughtful and reliable, but still keeping our professional manner. So, when you contact us, feel free to discuss with us what you expect from us. Don’t be afraid to also address your anxieties about using long term storage Tokyo, or any special requests you might have. We will try to help you in any way we can, and this way, to achieve the perfect moving or storage experience possible! Nothing is hard with Japan Relocation Services on your side! All you need to do is call!