Packing Services

The packing of all of your belongings is an essential part of moving! As such, it is the biggest source of trouble for people going through this life-altering process. Whether you are moving next door or to a neighboring city, packing your belongings for air or sea transport, you’ll need to ensure your items are packed in a way that guarantees the maximum safety. Good news is that you don’t have to trouble yourself with this tedious task. Once you hire JRS Japan and put our packers in charge of the process, you can leave behind all the worries. Our packing services were created with the goal of maximizing the safety of your belongings, as well as relieving you of all the stress associated with packing. Give us a call and have our premier packers in charge of this demanding process.

We offer you top-class packing services and moving boxes
We offer you top-class packers and packing supplies.

JRS Japan and our packing services are your means of having a stress-free relocation

One of the biggest moving myths is that every relocation inevitably has to be a stressful experience. With the right relocation professional by your side, moving doesn’t have to be anything short of a wonderful experience. As a company that originated in 2012 and now has the necessary experience, knowledge, and equipment, JRS Japan will be the thing that stands between you and successful relocation. As one of the best international moving companies in Japan at the moment, our focus is on you – our customers.

Our packing services hold a lot of importance in our intention to provide you with a seamless move. Whether you are transporting your items through land or sea, shipping your belongings internationally or simply moving them down the block, you’ll need to pack them safely and efficiently. And that’s where our packers enter the scene.

Premier packers gifted with extensive knowledge and years of experience

After having packed every item imaginable at least a dozen times, it’s safe to say our packers have the experience necessary for packing all of your belongings. Even those items you think could be troublesome to pack are just another day at the office for us. So far, our team has successfully packed and secured:

  • Valuable items
  • Documents of importance
  • Fragile items
  • Robust and heavy furniture
  • Household furniture
  • Electronics and appliances

We consider our experience to be one of our biggest advantages. When hiring JRS Japan and paying for our packing specialists, you’ll get a team that has had a chance to perfect their skills. However, we don’t let that stop us from constantly learning and developing as a company. Our packers are always in pursuit of the best packing solutions, as well as innovative techniques and materials which could aid us in our job – the job of keeping your items safe during the transport.

Our packing services include high-quality packing materials

Here at JRS Japan, we never leave a job half-done! Our packing services wouldn’t be complete without top-notch packing materials. When you hire us for the job, you’ll get to be spared from both shopping for packing supplies and utilizing those same materials. Our materials include sturdy moving boxes, protective packaging materials, as well as packing tape. Whether packing your items for storage units or for an impending relocation, our quality materials will ensure your items stay safe throughout the entire process. From start to finish!

Moving boxes
We will make sure your belongings are well packed and ready for transport.

We ensure maximum safety of you and your belongings

Moving is not only a complicated process – it can also be a dangerous one. Moving injuries are a common occurrence, and they can happen during every part of this endeavor. If you hire our expert movers and packers, you get to boost your moving day safety. With us taking care of the packing and lifting, there will be no occasion where you can hurt yourself.

By combining their extensive knowledge and training with quality packing materials, our packers will ensure every item is wrapped in the best possible way. For us, the best way is the one that provides complete safety. Our JRS Japan packing team will make sure every item is properly wrapped so that it stays safe during the transport. A call to us is a call you’ll be thankful for in the years to come.

Our packing services save your time

It’s a known fact that time is the most important resource of all. After all, it’s the one that you can never get back. That’s why here at JRS Japan, we value your time. And what a better way for you to value yours than by hiring our packing team? It might take you days to pack all of your belongings. However, with all the experience, knowledge, and resources we have at our disposal, we will be able to pack your home from top to bottom in record time.

Two persons with cardboard boxes on their heads, clock and boxes around them
No time for packing? Leave it to us.

You get to choose what needs to be packed

In case you don’t want us to pack your entire home, all you have to do is say so. We impose no limits or requirements, so we can be as involved as you need us to be. We can pack only your kitchen or a group of items, such as valuables. In case you want us to, we can also pack all of your furniture and miscellaneous items. With our moving services Japan, the choice is all yours!

The premier packing team is only a phone call away!

With all the benefits our packing services come with, we are 100% positive you will think of them as nothing short of a miracle. By getting in touch with JRS Japan, you will ensure you have premier movers and packers working hard on the wellbeing of your relocation. That’s what matters most to us – your satisfaction. Give us a call, request a free moving estimate, and schedule your moving date. We wouldn’t want anyone else to take up your spot.