With Japan Relocation Services, you can ship your goods individually via door-to-port shipping, at affordable prices. If you are looking for knowledgable and experienced freight forwarders, our useful services Japan and great offers are at your disposal. This a great opportunity to learn how a door-to-port transport works and for whom and when it is particularly worthwhile. Besides the transport itself, this service includes:

  • Accurate quotes and competitive rates for the best international shipping service Japan has to offer
  • Reliable professionals with vast experience in all sorts of shipments
  • Possibility of full shipping service that includes the customs clearance, loading,  insurance, and professional packaging
Door-to-port shipping containers
When using JRS door-to-port services, you can take over your cargo at the port.

Two types of international maritime moves

There are two types of international maritime shipping, door-to-port and door-to-door. At Japan Relocation Services, our support begins right at your doorstep and all the way to your destination. For door-to-port shipping, our services will cover your shipment until the destination port, where you can pick up your belongings. While for door-to-door shipping, we will deliver your belongings directly to your new home in the designated location.

Door-to-port 101

Let us provide you a quick glance for the service of Door-to-port shipping. In order to choose the right service, you should have an idea for the shipping process.

Located in the shipper warehouse, your cargo has to be a crated, loaded and ready for shipment with a sea freight container. Before we load the cargo into the container, you should kindly provide us with all the necessary paperwork supporting your cargo shipment. Once the cargo is in the container, Japan Relocation Services is in charge of further transportation and safe delivery of the cargo to the desired destination.

Our wide network of intermodal transportation, as well as international moving services Japan, will secure you a piece of mind. Besides, it will guarantee the quick and safe delivery of your cargo to the port. At the same time, we will provide you with all the documentation support you need for your cargo. You can track your shipment at all the time during the shipping process. And once your cargo arrives at port we will also provide you with necessary and helpful information. Then, we can refer you to professional and experienced customs brokers, so you can release your cargo.

shipping containers
You can rest assured your belongings will be safe in our shipping containers.

When is a door-to-port shipping worthwhile

With door-to-port shipping, it depends on what kind of items you intend to ship. For example, if the seller does not have the opportunity to transport the goods themselves from the production facility to the port, and the buyer has a rail connection, this type of transport is the ideal choice for you. Japan Relocation Services will take over the pre-carriage and every step of your door-to-port shipping process. Thus, on-carriage can be organized independently.

You will have the option to decide, which mode of transport you would like to use for your main run. This allows us to meet your needs and expectations individually and with a unique approach. Moreover, if you choose the right shipping company in Japan, your door-to-port shipping can be a breeze.

Blue boat that ships containers door-to-port
With JRS, you can be sure your belongings will arrive safely to their new location.

Why is choosing Japan Relocation Services the right choice

At Japan Relocation Services, we understand how stressful shipping your valuable items internationally can be. You can rest assured that our moving and shipping experts have the necessary training and knowledge to keep your belongings safe during your long transport to their new location. Our crew will go the extra mile to provide you with a stress-free and comforting international moving or shipping experience. From the first call to JRS representatives to the follow up at the end of your service, we will provide you with the highest quality, professional, and no-hassle moving service.


Our international moving experts in Japan specialize in this type of move and long moves out of the country. With many different and tailor-made service solutions we have prepared for you, our crew will make your upcoming move as smooth as possible. Moving specialists at JRS will do their best to protect your valuable belongings. Because we always provide you with excellent international relocation and shipping service. So, let us show you what our premier offer is all about.

We will offer you the best moving quote for the service of your choice

A stress-free, well-planned, and organized relocation or shipping project is something most people want to achieve. However, without professional skills and knowledge, international shipping can be easier planned than done. If you want to be on the safe side and you don’t want to risk your belongings’ safety, hire a reliable moving company. It’s that simple.

If you contact Japan Relocation Services today, we will make sure to plan the most efficient moving day and suggest the moving service that meet all your expectations. Our moving estimates are accurate, competitive and flexible. Depending on the nature of your request, we can set up a meeting and discuss further details about your shipping process. Give our international movers Japan a call, and we will make sure to perform a smooth and stress-free door-to-port shipping for you!