Japan to UK

Moving from Japan to UK is a quite challenging task. Not only you are about to relocate to another continent, but also to experience the big culture and lifestyle change. Each international move is a complex process, you shouldn’t go through alone. If you are looking for top class international movers you can rely on, you are in the right place. We are Japan Relocation Services, one of the best Japanese shipping companies and expert for international relocation. Moreover, we are specialized in this type of move and we have many successful moves from Japan to UK under our belt. If you want your move to be the next one, give us a call!

London skyline
England offers quality education and plenty of job opportunities.

Quality education and plenty of job opportunities

With the big amount of Japanese citizens currently living in the UK, keep in mind that you are not the only one. The UK is a popular choice for many people, particularly those looking to study and job seekers. With its high-quality work opportunities and Universities, this country is a perfect location to achieve quality education and advance your career. Whether you are moving from Japan to UK for work, study, family or business reasons, our moving specialists can assist you. We use years of experience and our expert knowledge to provide top-quality moving services. Explore all the possibilities of moving to Britain and leave the moving process to us!

Shipping furniture safely from Japan to the UK

If you are shipping some pieces of furniture from Japan to the UK, you will need proper equipment and packing materials to do it right. We offer to take care of the packing and shipping process of your household furniture. Being the best international shipping experts in Tokyo, we will be happy to cover the entire process from A to Z. Shipping your fragile, antique or wooden furniture internationally can be a breeze, with the right movers by your side.

Moving from Japan to UK

When moving from Japan to the UK, you need moving specialists to handle customs clearance, possibly heavy items transport, and all necessary regulations. Whatever you are importing to UK, we can help you do it with ease.  Japan Relocation Services provide you with all the essential information about the steps you should take prior to, during and after your international relocation. You can have all your relocation planned with the help of our experienced moving experts for moving abroad, just say a word. Planning is a crucial part of every moving process and a key to its success. And we will be happy to do it for you!

In London and other larger places, most people live in flats.

Moving to England is simple with us

England, home of the Big Ben, British Royal Family, Trafalgar Square and hundreds of ancient castles is really an amazing place to move to. Hence, it is no wonder that moving from Japan to UK catches your eye. It boasts a rich history, but also a vibrant modern culture. Many people call it “melting pot” for a good reason. Most noteworthy, its residents come from all over the world. There are so many people coming from India, Africa, Asia and the rest of Europe that you will have absolutely no problem fitting in. With that comes a mix of cultures, foods, and people that makes living in England truly unique experience.

Housing options

Like many cities in Japan, people in London and the other larger cities often choose to live in flats instead of in larger houses. Housing, especially in capital city, can be a bit expensive. But coming from Japan, you are probably used to that. Just like in other cities around the world, housing will be most expensive in the inner cities, especially in the West and South Ends for London. Farther out from the center, however, it becomes more affordable. Hence, depending on your job location, you may opt to live in a more suburban area. There you will find the charming English row houses, with a small garden.

Food and restaurants

With the amazing mix of culture comes a fusion of many different types of food. English people really enjoy Indian cuisine, hence, you will find many restaurants offering Indian delights. Moreover, the local pubs are always a good place to grab a plate of fish and chips and a pint of beer or cider. Also, you can find the “chippers” on nearly every street corner with hot fish and chips, often wrapped in a newspaper. You will also have an opportunity to enjoy French, Spanish, and Italian foods, as well as the foods from all over the world. And when craving Japanese food, you will have no problem finding a sushi spot.

Moving from Japan to UK will bring you fish and chips
Beside French, Spanish, and Italian foods, you can always enjoy fish and chips. 

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