Japan to Germany

Planning a relocation is always tough. This is especially true when the place you are relocating to is not your home country. For example, moving from Japan to Germany will take a lot more preparation than just relocating locally. This is why you need reliable movers on your side. Luckily, there is no better company than Japan Relocation Services! We are the international movers with skills and experience to get you safely from Japan to Germany! All you need to do is pick up your phone and call us!

Neuschwanstein castle
Germany is a beautiful land!

Moving from Japan to Germany will take a lot of planning

As we already mentioned, your big move to Germany will need some thorough planning. This is because international moves are often harder to pull off than the local ones. There are multiple reasons for this. First, there is a lot of paperwork that you need to go through. Then, once you are packed – that’s it. If you happen to forget something, it will be tough to move it once the move is done. That is the reason why you need some expert logistics help – and international movers Japan are the ones who can give it to you.

We have years of experience working in the moving industry. Throughout this time, we have successfully moved single people and families, huge houses and one-bedroom apartments! This means that we have a huge database of knowledge on exactly how moving from Japan to Germany needs to look.

a woman planning on moving from Japan to Germany
Plan your move with care!

What’s more, we can help you create an international moving checklist. This way, as you are finishing things and crossing them off the list, you will know exactly what’s incoming. Also, there is no better feeling than crossing something off your to-do list, and Japan Relocation Services knows that! Because of it, we strive for efficiency, and we will make your move as easy and as fast as possible!

You won’t forget anything with Japan Relocation Services

Having us at your side during relocation means you are not forgetting anything! There is no worse feeling than arriving at your new home in Germany, only to realize you have left something precious back in Japan. Then, you will need to deal with figuring out ways to send it over or to find someone to transport it for you.

When planning your move with us, you will have everything in the bag! Because we will be taking care of a lot of your chores, you will have the time to plan exactly what you are taking with you when moving from Japan to Germany, and what will stay behind. What’s more, you won’t even have to worry about packing these items. Our packing services are perfect for any move. Our workers may be efficient, but they are highly professional and will take great care of your items!

But it’s not only items that you can forget when moving cross the continent! As we already mentioned, you will need a lot of paperwork for this move. However, by relying on Japan Relocation Services, you have a strong partner who can help you sort through all of it. With our experience, we can help you deal with this often tedious process, and figure out exactly what you need to get!

Japan Relocation Services is there for you throughout the move

However, our help doesn’t only stop at dealing with the logistics of your move! In order to better achieve your satisfaction, we offer a variety of services you might need! As we already mentioned, we offer professional packing as well as unpacking! This way, we take care of the longest and hardest part of the move. Meanwhile, you can deal with other chores or simply say goodbye to your friends and family! This is beneficial to your stress levels because it will reduce them to nothing!

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We are here for you every step of the way!

But it doesn’t stop there! When moving from Japan to Germany, you will need a place where your items will be safe for a night. That’s why we offer safe storage options! What’s more, we can also offer long-term storage for the items you are living behind! Then, we will deal with clearing the customs so your items can freely move to Germany, as well as figure out the best routes for shipping your furniture internationally.

In the end, we also offer debris removal services. Since moving can be messy, we can make sure that your home is as it was at the beginning of the process – and even better. If you are looking to sell it, then these are perfect for you!

Contact us today for easy moving from Japan to Germany!

Japan Relocation Services started out in 2012, and since then, our main goal was the satisfaction of all of our clients. We didn’t stop striving to achieve it, and today we can proudly say that we are one of the best companies you will want to call when moving from Japan to Germany! But we are not letting this stop us. Every day, we are working toward bringing new technologies and equipment into the mix, as well as training our workers to the highest standards.

All of this means that Japan Relocation Services will give you the move you have always wanted – organized, stressless and efficient. We are professional and reliable, but we also value communication. This is one of the best traits of all our movers, and you can talk to them about any problem you might have. Really, working with us is easy – and it starts with a simple phone call. So call us today, and let’s start your new journey together!