Researching business opportunities before moving to Japan

For most people, moving to Japan is very exciting, and you could say it’s a dream come true for most. A huge number of people leave their home countries and comes to Japan, looking for a new home. Many of them are looking for business opportunities so they have a job as soon as they come here. And it is no wonder that many see Japan as the perfect place to start a business. A huge number of people live in this country, so the market is huge as well. All kinds of cultures can be found here, so pretty much anything you produce and sell will find its customer. But, before you move and start your business, make sure you know exactly what you are doing. Researching business opportunities before moving to Japan is crucial and you will have much better opportunities if you come prepared.

Why is Japan such a great place to start a business

Japan is not a very large country, but the number of people that are calling it home is huge indeed. And, when you have a huge number of people in a limited space, selling your product is not that hard. The thing about Japan that is not that great when it comes to living and working here, are natural disasters. Earthquakes are not uncommon, but the thing is, that even with the big earthquake that struck Japan in 2011. didn’t make a huge difference. The market recovered in no time, and there are more and more foreign companies in Japan every year. Another great thing about Japan is that the legal system and infrastructure are welcoming for foreign investors and companies. People in Japan are highly educated in the majority, so it’s another great reason to work with them.

Researching business opportunities before moving to Japan- Japan
Japan is a great place to start your business, you just need to make some effort

When you decide it’s time to start researching, focus on:

  • What is it that customers demand?
  • How can you find a business partner?
  • Is it hard to get good employees?
  • What to look for in a subsidiary manager?
  • The market establishment is an important part of researching business opportunities before moving to Japan
  • How do you win over the Japanese market?

Answering all of these questions will make your way to success much easier. There are some other things you will need to be taken care of, like getting the best long term storage Tokyo can offer. But you will find the solution when you find managers, for example.

Customers in Japan

The thing that you should know about Japan before you start exploring the market, is that they are very customer-oriented. The entire system is focusing on your work-rank, or how high you stand on the business hierarchy. So, make sure you act respectfully towards the others. Also, Japanese culture and business are directed on satisfying the customer’s needs, and you need to make sure you fit in this pattern. There are many things that are important to be done the right way in Japan. Things like, how you exchange your business cards and similar are incredibly important. Make sure you inform about them as well.

people walking on the street
In Japan, customers choose high-quality goods over anything else

Finding a business partner

A key to success is finding a great business partner in Japan. You will have a really hard time entering the market in Japan if you do not have the proper help there. Your partners will be able to get the business going in Japan. It can take six to nine months to find a great business partner that suits you but don’t give up, getting a partner is crucial to succeeding in Japan. Researching business opportunities before moving to Japan is going to be for nothing if you fail at this part. The first five years are crucial for your success, so make sure you are patient, and you will be fine. If you need to import heavy machines, get the best heavy-lifting service. Let the professionals deal with it.


You can’t just employ anybody, the state regulates this part as well. There are things you need to do for the employees, but the state of Japan will help you out as well. Minimum wage and working conditions are managed by the laws. Hello Work is a Japanese agency that will help you find all the workforce you need. This service is free of charge and guarantees that you get the best workers for the type of work you do. But high-qualified personnel might be an issue. Japanese companies usually employ the best ones right after high-schools and collages, providing life-long positions for them.

A man in a suit
Getting great employees will take some time, but you can do it

The subsidiary manager

When it comes to picking out the person to be in charge, many people rather choose western managers, since it is easier to communicate with them and make agreements But, if you are working with small or medium companies, you should choose the Japanese manager. They understand how the system works, have connections and understand the background in the industry.

The market establishment is an important part of researching business opportunities before moving to Japan

You will have to fit in and produce goods that are high quality enough for the Japanese. They will choose high-quality items over anything else, and they are drawn to the items that are constantly improving. Customers here will always consider Japanese products more quality ones. And not just that, they require to know as much as possible about the products and the companies that are making them. So make sure your information is easy to get. Maybe try to sell your product first, before moving the company. You can try commercial cargo import and selling them to smaller shops. This way you can see if there is a demand for your product.

Marketing tricks

Japan is not easy in this area either. Marketing is as important in Japan as anywhere else, so you will need help in this field.  Adaptations of the commercials and packaging are expensive and ineffective, so you will need new commercials and packaging as well. Japan is pretty strict when it comes to these areas of manufacturing. Moving from Japan to USA might be easier. In the USA, customers simply have lower expectations than in Japan.

Neon signs
Marketing is a huge part of the business in Japan, so make sure you do it right

Researching business opportunities before moving to Japan is really important since you will be much more comfortable knowing that you are able to do this. It will not be as hard as it seems since Japan has the entire network made just to help you out with your business. Get informed and get going, you got this!

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