Package theft prevention guide

If you ever got your package stolen, you know how angry and upset that got you. It can cause you stress and you might even decide not to order anything online, at least for some period of time. This means you’ll have to go out to get the items you would normally order online so you waste your time. It means economic downfall for delivering companies and online services used for online shopping. There are surveys showing that about 30% of Americans had their package stolen in 2017. alone. Another survey shows that on the same year, about 26 million Americans had their package stolen from their doorstep. This is a major problem for every participant in the order-deliver-receive cycle. And it costs Americans huge amount of money. This is why there are some new solutions for package theft prevention.

What are your options?

If you are thinking about what are your options for dealing with this problem, you will be glad to know there are a few different options:

  • Technical solutions like cameras, smart locks, alarms
  • Different kinds of parcel boxes
  • Getting in touch with the delivery person can be the solution for package theft prevention
  • Asking the people you know for help

Smart delivery lockers are the perfect solution for the package theft prevention

This might be the best solution to the problem. Package theft prevention is easily achieved if you decide to use Amazon Locker. You just need to check where is the nearest Amazon Locker. Once the package is inserted in the Amazon Locker, Amazon sends you a message containing a six-digit number that you use as a password to open the locker. This way, you can be sure your package is not going to get stolen.

A mobile phone with Amazon logo on the screen
Amazon Locker might be just what you need

Install security cameras

Imagine using some of the international shipping companies Japan to deliver your package, waiting for it and it finally arrives. To prevent this, you could install visible security cameras. But if you decide to get cameras that are not visible right away, get the sign that informs everybody that you have installed security cameras. There are cameras that will inform you about moving around the house and show you a video of the surroundings on the phone.

Security camera
Security cameras might scare away the thief

Package theft alarm

It’s another high-tech solution that could help you deal with package theft prevention. The delivery person puts the package on the package alarm, that looks like a small box. If the package is lifted from it, it will start the alarm that goes up to 100dB and will scare away the thief. The phone app will allow you to get the package without sounding the alarm.

Parcel box and lock

You can get the parcel box from the delivery service that allows multiple delivering services aces to it. They drop the box in, lock it and you are the only person that can unlock it.

Get it delivered to the office

You should hire professional packers Japan, so you make sure your package will get to you without damage. To ensure it won’t get stolen, don’t leave it out in the first place. Contact your delivery person and have them deliver the package to your office. This way you make sure you will receive the package.

Delivery van
You can ask the delivery person to deliver the                                package at your office

Amazon key is another great solution by Amazon

This combination of a smart key and security cameras allows the delivery person to gets the package right behind your front door. You must be ok with strangers getting access to your home, but don’t forget, they are professionals. If you are thinking about an international move, the good news is that the Amazon is delivering in a large number of states across the world. Get the international moving company to get a stress-free move.

In-car delivery

If you have the ability to lock and unlock your car from the distance, the delivery guy can call you when he gets to your car and you unlock the doors. Once he places the package, you just lock again and your package is safe. Same goes for storage units with smart locks. They can drop it inside and you lock it.

Signature delivery is another option

You can demand signature delivery. The package must be delivered to you personally and you sign it once you receive the package. This means you are not allowing the delivery person to sign it for you, or give it to somebody else. If you are moving, make sure to get the moving company that can answer all of your needs regarding moving, packaging, customs clearance, and alike.

Reschedule the delivery

If you are not home at the time of the delivery, contact the delivery person and ask them to bring the package over at another time. Tell them when you will be home and see if they can come at that time. There are web pages that allow you to track your package until it gets to you. This will cost you about $40 a year.

Package hold is an option as well

If you ordered your packages and then realized you won’t be at home at the time it will arrive, you can choose to get a package hold until you get home. For about $5 per package, your delivery service will hold the package until you get home.

The package can be held at the                           delivery service

Get the insurance for the packages

If you are not sure any of these options will be secure enough, you can get an insurance for the packages that aren’t there yet. Especially if you order something valuable. Get the insurance and you won’t be stressing over this problem.

Ask a neighbor or relative to pick it up

If you can’t get home on time, you can ask a neighbor or a relative to pick the package for you. If they live nearby, you can ask the delivery person to drop it off at their house.

Package theft prevention truly is a serious problem and it can inflict you a lot of stress and can cost you a pretty penny. But there are solutions to it. You should try them so you can order the packages stress-free.


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