Moving to Tokyo with kids and pets made easy

In their “single years”, many people dream about traveling the world and living in a few different places. Whether it is moving within a single country or biting the bullet and moving to a whole new continent, it is fairly easy to accomplish when you don’t have a family. The situation is completely different when you marry and have kids. Now, there are more people you have to care about. We don’t doubt that you wish them all the best, but surely, this shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world! In this instance, moving to Tokyo with kids and pets doesn’t have to be a hassle. Instead, you will see that it is quite easy to relocate with your entire family!

The whole family can stay together when you are moving to Tokyo with kids and pets
No need to leave your fluffy family members behind – they can easily relocate with you!

Moving to Tokyo with kids and pets – a few tips

Getting ready to move to Japan with your children and pets takes some effort. When it comes to the youngest members of your family, you should be especially gentle. Moving long distance can be a very scary change for them. It is very important to be honest and fully transparent with your children about the move. Tell them the news as soon as you have signed the paperwork. No matter their age, they will be full of questions. Answer honestly and simply. Even if you think the truth is harsh, tell them. Kids are tougher than you may think, and they will quickly adapt to change.

Talking to your children about relocation

When answering their questions, don’t let them get to you or frustrate you. Instead, have patience and calmly discuss it with them. Depending on their age, you can get various reactions to the relocation news. Tantrums, crying, rejection, disapproval, but also excitement and joy are just some of the possible ones. Prepare the kids for the move by making a list of positive things about the move. Tell them about the new house, the new school, playgrounds, things you will visit and so on. Try to focus on the things which you know they will find interest in. However, be careful not to oversell it. Younger children can have very high expectations and might be disappointed in the end. In order to avoid sadness and disappointment, be realistic. You don’t want your kids to have a harder time adjusting to the new environment.

Include everyone in the process of moving to Tokyo with kids and pets

No, we’re not talking about including your dogs and cats into the relocation process! Although they may be useful in distracting the kids while you are packing, they won’t be of much help. On the other hand, you can include your children. No matter if you’ve decided to hire packing services or not, they can assist you in the move. For starters, let them help by packing their rooms. Give them boxes and allow them to pack their toys. In case they have more than you are able to bring with you, it can pose a problem. Don’t worry! It would be so much fun for them (and for you) to organize a mini yard sale for their excess toys, or maybe even donate them together. Involving the kids in the relocation process lets them know that their opinions are valued and they have an important role in this decision.

Child playing with toys
Children can have loads of fun helping you pack for your relocation, by storing away their own belongings.

How do you relocate long distance with a pet?

Now that we’ve covered some aspects of moving abroad with children, let’s discuss pets. As well as kids, pets don’t take relocation lightly. All animals like routine, and once something extraordinary happens, they will react. Just try to prepare ahead and the move should go smoothly. Here are just a few things you have to get before your pet can travel to Japan:

  • A valid pet passport
  • Microchip identification that is according to ISO standards
  • Rabies vaccination
  • A 180-day wait in either home country or Japan quarantine
  • Tapeworm treatment

Moving to Tokyo with pets will take some serious preparation

Much like thinking about Japan customs clearance when relocating your belongings, there are certain rules in place when it comes to your pets. Therefore, we will clarify a few things we mentioned previously. The first that may worry you is the quarantine. There must be a 180-day wait before you move your pet to Japan. The reason for this is because this is the incubation period, to make sure your animal is completely healthy and won’t transfer illnesses to local pets. This can be done either in your home country or in Japan. Be careful with the timing, because if you transfer the animal before the 180 days are over, it will be held in a Japanese quarantine until the period expires. There is nothing to worry about! The animals are completely safe in the quarantine unit.

Gray cat inside a white and purple box
Although cats love sleeping in boxes, they will be much more comfortable than this while staying in a quarantine.

Recommended treatments for your cats and dogs

Other than the waiting period, there are a few necessary shots your pet needs to get before traveling to Japan. Firstly, they must have a rabies vaccine not older than 1 year. Once they are 91 days old, both dogs and cats get the first dose of a rabies vaccine. The second dose is administered 31 days after the first one. Both labels are put in the pet’s passport and serve as proof that the animal is healthy and able to travel abroad. Secondly, they get regular preventative tapeworm treatment as well as any treatments they might be taking.

Moving to Tokyo with kids and pets doesn’t have to be a hassle

With good preparation, moving to Tokyo with kids and pets isn’t that hard. Once you start on time and know exactly what you need, there will be less stress. If you aren’t stressed, your children and pets will also be more relaxed. Be smart and enjoy your new life in Japan together!

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