Moving from Japan to the UK with children

No matter what your reasons for this move are, it’s never easy leaving home. Even when it’s your first time moving away from parents to go to college! It seems fun and exciting, but it brings along a lot of worries. Moving to another country, and even another continent is a whole different story. When you add kids to the situation it makes it even more complicated. Usually, moving with children also doubles the amount of stress and worries. Relocation isn’t easy, and moving from Japan to the UK with children isn’t an exception to that unwritten rule. That’s why your trusty movers are here! We’ll show you that it’s not all that scary as it seems to be.

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The UK is full of endless possibilities for everyone – let’s get started and get ready for this relocation!

Moving abroad isn’t easy, and not everyone can do it

We understand that it must be hard to start a new chapter in your life. It’s a huge milestone in one’s entire life! Events that are this important rarely happen. Maybe once every five or ten years, if you’re lucky! We also know that it takes a lot of courage and bravery to make a decision as big as this one. But, congratulations! You did it! You bit the bullet and decided that you are traveling halfway across the globe to start fresh. Now, it’s time to prepare for the big day.

What to expect when moving from Japan to the UK with children

As much as we’re repeating it, starting on time really is of crucial importance in the relocation process. A good plan and proper pre-move research make a lot of difference! Read on, and we’ll tell you the most important parts of your future relocation adventure.

Before you start moving, decide who is going to help you out

Apart from actually making the final decision to start moving from Japan to the UK with children, this will be the first thing you’ll do. You will have to choose whether you are going to dive into this adventure by yourself and hope for the best, or you will ask for help. Since this is a pretty big task to handle on your own, we advise the latter. By hiring moving service Japan, you will take a huge weight off your shoulders. Professional movers are highly experienced and will know exactly what has to happen in the next few months or weeks. Even more so, this is a long-distance international move and you will need all the help you can get.

Moving from Japan to the UK with children is easier with a checklist

In order to avoid the chaos that relocation brings along, you should write a moving checklist. Any planning junkie knows that you are less likely to forget something if it’s on a list. We understand that you won’t forget the really important tasks (such as packing, for example) but you may forget the little things. So, it is always handy to make a list while you are preparing for the move. This way, when everything starts moving fast and you are constantly on the go, your brain won’t be completely fried. Just follow the checklist you made previously and you’ll be all set!

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Nothing is impossible with a good to-do list and a proper plan.

International relocation requires a lot of paperwork

Yes, it’s probably the most dreaded phase of the entire moving process. Gathering all the paperwork isn’t going to be easy, we’re not going to lie. It’s going to take a while and you have to start way earlier than you think you should. Why would that be so? Because it is unfortunately really easy to overlook an important document that you may need! Especially if you’re moving with kids. The last thing you want is more stress and chaos when you actually start to relocate to a different country.

Some of the necessary documents for moving abroad

We’ll try to list the most important ones, but don’t be fooled! Everyone has different needs and this list will differ based on your current situation.

  • Passports! No matter how obvious it is, we have to mention them. Each family member (and pets!) have to have their own passport with appropriate visas or immigration documents inside.
  • Medical records for everyone
  • A copy of your lease or homeowner’s insurance
  • Some kind of proof of where you will work in the UK
  • Customs clearance for your belongings

How to prepare for relocating with children

As we all know, even a little shift in a child’s everyday routine can upset them. Not to mention what an international relocation can do! That’s why it is highly important to be gentle and prepared when moving with kids. No matter how little they are, they can understand the basics. As soon as you know that you are moving, let them know. Sit down and have a serious conversation in the layman’s terms. It is advisable to make it sound fun! Of course, it is always easier to leave friends behind when you know what’s ahead. However, try not to overdo it. If their expectations are too high, they can have a harder time adjusting to the new environment.

Moving from Japan to the UK with children on an airplaine
Any type of travel with kids can be a hassle, not to mention moving with them to another continent.

Moving from Japan to the UK with children doesn’t have to be hard

Surely, it is a big challenge that not everyone is ready to face. On the other hand, moving from Japan to the UK can be quite simple, if organized properly. When you get everything settled, then you can worry about things such as culture shock and adjusting to life in the UK. There are many differences between Japan and western Europe, but there are also similarities. For example, both Japan and the UK tend to have smaller apartments and houses. If you’re ever in need of a little extra storage room, we also recommend that you think about short term storage. Now that everything is settled, you can start exploring the UK and the rest of Europe!

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