Japan pet passport- current dog and cat import requirements

You are moving to Japan and it feels like all your dreams are becoming a reality. Japan is a great place to live in and you will have the time of your life there. The cities are beautiful, the culture is amazing and you are guaranteed to experience this new and amazing culture however you would like. Obviously, you can’t imagine doing this without your beloved best friend, your pet, so you will take your dog or your cat with you. And that is great since this journey won’t be as pleasant without them. And that is the reason you need to find out how to get the Japan pet passport. It’s not really hard at all, so you will just have to be patient and it will be done in no time so you and your pet can continue the journey.

The procedure for getting the Japan pet passport

It may seem to you that the procedure for getting the pet passport for Japan seems long and hard, but it is worth it. You will be done in no time if you know exactly what you need to do. So make sure you remember all the things you need to do and get once you start getting the Japan pet passport for your pet. The best place to find out everything you want to know about this issue is USDA APHIS, United States Department of Agriculture. Here, you will find the newest procedures you need to do to make sure your pet can accompany you.  The procedure contains a couple of steps:

  • Advanced notifications that need to be delivered 40 days before the pet arrives in Japan to the Animal Quarantine Service 
  • Microchip identification for your pet
  • Rabies vaccination is required if you are getting them to Japan
  • Measurement of rabies and antibody levels
  • The 180-day wait is required either in your home country or in quarantine in Japan
  • A health certificate is required for Japan pet passport
  • Recommended treatments if needed

This is the procedure your pet will have to go through once your move biggins. But before you can start with this part, make sure you have a passport for your pet. It is a document that allows your pet to enter other countries like Japan.

Japan pet passport
If you are leaving for Japan and taking your pet with you, make sure you start preparing on time

What informations are in the pet passport?

Getting to Japan is not where the journey ends. After finding the best international movers Japan has to offer. Your Japan pet passport should contain:

  • The pets ownership
  • A description of the pet
  • Microchipping
  • Proof of vaccination against rabies
  • Rabies blood test
  • Canine tapeworm treatment

You also need to know that you are responsible for arranging a trip for your pet from your home country to Japan.

Steps you need to take so you can transfer your pet to Japan

Once you decide you want to move to Japan, there are steps you need to take so you can move your pet with you to Japan. The Japan pet passport is going to be needed with these steps so you can move together. This will all take time so hire packing service. This will give you more time to deal with the issue.

Japan pet passport- two people sitting with a dog and a cat
When you start planing the move with your pets, there are steps you should know about

Advanced notifications and Japans pet passport

When you find the best international shipping companies Japan has for you, your planing can begin. These advanced notifications can be found online and should be taken care of at least 40 days before you get to Japan by fax or mail.

Microchip identification for your pet

You need to get the microchip identification before the move starts. The microchip should be ISO standard supported one. If your pet’s microchip is not supported by the ISO standard, you need to provide a microchip reader. The pet must be vaccinated after it gets the microchip or later.

Rabies vaccination

Dogs and cats must get the rabies vaccine one they are 91 days old or older. The first vaccine should be given according to the labeling on the vaccine. The second one should be given 31 days after the first one. All dogs and cats should get this vaccine so they don’t get sick and infect other animals. Getting the Japan pet passport is not possible without these vaccines.

A girl and a dog on the grass
Make sure your pet gets a rabies shot so it doesn’t get ill

Measuring of the rabis and antibody levels

All dogs and cats must receive the rabies vaccine. For the animals that were microchipped on the day of the first vaccine, should be measured for rabies and antibody levels on the day of 2nd vaccination or on any day until the second vaccine expires. Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan approves all the laboratories that you can take the test to. The test results must be original. They can be copies if they have the USDA endorsement.

The 180 days wait

There should be 180 days wait before the animal is transferred to Japan. If you move to Japan before the 180 days expire, the pet will be quarantined in Japan until the 180 days expire. The reason for it is because the incubation period for rabies is 180 days. This is the time you can use to do other things, like get the storage unit. Your pet will be completely safe in the quarantine.

Health Certificate

Pets must be treated by the USDA Accredited Veterinarian and confirmed free of clinical signs of infectious disease including rabies and leptospirosis. There are many options for this that you can find online.

A cat under the blankets
A healthy pet is a happy pet

Recommended treatments

Cats and dogs older than 91 days should be vaccinated 30 days before they arrive in Japan. Once you do this, 4 days before departure, you should treat your pet for parasites. Other health problems should be dealt with the way your pet’s veterinary recommends.

Moving to Japan with your pet is a great idea and you will be done in no time. The Japan pet passport is going to be taken care of in no time, you just need to do all the things that are required. Make sure you start as early as possible when it comes to getting the pet ready for this journey so you don’t have to wait later on.


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