International moving checklist

A smart thing to do before every relocation is to carefully design a checklist, which you will follow throughout the entire moving process. However, as we all know, international moving is a bit trickier than regular local moving. it requires so much more preparation and planning that you will definitely need to take it more seriously. Not to worry –  there are teams whose job is to make this move as smooth as possible. For example, our international movers Japan are highly experienced and trained for this exact situation. With the help of professionals, your relocation will be a breeze. Let’s get started and help you devise this ultimate international moving checklist!

Pink marker checking boxes off a list
International moving is so much easier to do while following a detailed checklist.

What to expect when moving internationally

International moving presents certain challenges that many local moves simply never have to face. For instance, you will have to be familiar with the transportation and relocation laws of both countries. This means that there will be so much more paperwork in this entire process than usual. Also, you will have to understand how to clear customs between your origin country and your destination country. We know it sounds a little bit intimidating and maybe even scary, but there is one thing you should remember. Not everyone gets a chance to move internationally, and for most people, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Whatever challenges you might face while moving to another country, they will easily be forgotten once you begin your new life.

Required paperwork for international moving

To begin our checklist, we will start with the most important thing – paperwork. You can move across the world without your favorite pillow, but you cannot do it without your passport! Here are just some of the things almost every immigration officer (including ones in Japan) will need from you:

  • Passports
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • School records
  • Medical records
  • Adoption papers (if any)
  • Health insurance
  • Complete documentation for your pets

While this may not be the complete list of necessary documents for international moving, it’s a good start. There is one more thing we have to mention when it comes to your personal documentation. Check every one of them to make sure they are up-to-date! Usually, they would have to be valid for at least six months after the travel date, sometimes even more.

Preparing your previous home for new owners

Once you have completed the most important things on this checklist, you can move on to the next segment. Whether you’re selling your house, or just returning the keys to the landlord, your old home needs your care one last time. If you were renting, you probably want your security deposit back! Here’s a quick little list to remind you of a few DIY projects that you might have to do before you hand over the keys:

  • Repaint the walls – most landlords will require them to be completely white. If you have painted them vibrant colors, roll up your sleeves and get to painting again!
  • Wash the carpets – get rid of any old stains that your children or pets may have left behind.
  • Fill nail holes – we all love walls full of artwork, but the landlord will not appreciate the holes that are in the walls. Luckily, they are quite easy and simple to fill back in!
  • Deep clean the kitchen appliances – if you haven’t already, scrub the fridge, the microwave, the stove, and the oven. We know you won’t use them again, but don’t you remember how nice it is to move into a clean home?

    Paintbrush painting the wall white
    Most landlords would like their property in good shape before they get the keys back – this includes fresh paint on the walls.

Other things to do before you leave your house

On the other hand, there are certain tasks you should complete that will not require a hammer nor a vacuum. Do you recall that you signed up for various subscription services? Nobody wants to lose money on things they are not using. Some of these services might include:

  • Cable TV, internet and phone bills – since you are moving to a different country, you will most likely get a new phone number and will cancel the old one.
  • Any cleaning/maintenance services –  such as housekeeping service, pool cleaning, garden maintenance, etc.
  • Magazine/newspaper subscriptions
  • Trash removal
  • Security systems
  • Scheduled food deliveries

It’s time to start packing for international moving

This is the part where most people start to worry. Once you start to gather your belongings and place them into moving boxes, it gets real. While you finally realize you are moving internationally and so far away from everything that you are used to, you also realize one more thing – how much stuff you actually own. That’s why your trusted international shipping companies Japan are here to help! Like most shipping companies, we will not only safely relocate your pile of boxes, but we can also help you pack.

Person sitting next to a red suitcase, holdin a passport h
It’s always easier to travel light, even when you’re moving internationally.

Things you may not need to bring along

  • Kitchen/bathroom appliances –  oftentimes, these are quite bulky and will be left behind. Consider selling or donating them while clearing your house out. Your new home will most likely include new and updated appliances.
  • Clothing – it’s so easy to overpack clothes. Think carefully about what you are actually wearing on a day-to-day basis. Also, consider the climate of your destination country. Sometimes it’s very different than the one you are used to! All of these factors will play a role in the type and amount of clothes you will pack.
  • Garage junk – take the time to clean out your garage and get rid of unnecessary items. Sell or donate any garden equipment that is in working condition. Don’t forget to safely dispose of any fertilizers or chemicals such as bug sprays.

International moving is not as hard as it may seem

Yes, it takes more preparation. Sure, it takes more time and effort. Of course, it may be a bit stressful. However, every move is! Start on time, follow your detailed checklist, and nothing should be complicated. International moving is also exciting, fun, full of new experiences and new memories. You will get to know an entirely different culture and even learn a new language! Make a checklist and trust your movers – they will be there for all your relocation needs.

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