How to write a review for a Japanese moving company?

When it comes to choosing a moving company that you’re going to work with, online reviews play a pretty big role. With so many websites that have sections for reviews, these can largely affect your choice. On the other hand, business owners rely on reviews more than you think, because they can make or break their business. Some say that for each negative review you need at least five positive ones to redeem yourself. Thus, businesses often encourage their clients or customers to leave a nice review, to help them out, but to also give insight to others considering the services that they offer. In this article, we will try to explain how you can write a review for a Japanese moving company that will be beneficial to both parties involved. So, let’s get started!

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Even a simple review can help a business so much.

Why should you leave a review at all?

We’ve sort of already dipped into this at the beginning, but let’s go into more detail. As a customer, let’s say that you are researching moving service Japan. You are looking to move, and want to find the most reliable movers to assist you. Their website will tell you the basics, the services they offer and how to contact them. However, everyone can present themselves as the best, it is very easy to cover up the flaws. The best thing for you to do after is to read the reviews of past customers. These stories will give you a bit more insight into how the company operates, what are they good at and which aspects they have to work on improving. Therefore, they will help you see if this company is the right one for you.

When you write a review for a Japanese moving company, you help them grow their business

Think of this way: if you are the entrepreneur, you want to continually improve your company. Nobody is perfect, and initially, you start a business with no clue how it’s going to go. It may flop after a few months, but it may grow into something much larger than you ever expected. The one thing that will help you out is the experience of your customers or clients. Based on their stories, you will know what they need and therefore, you can continue to improve in the direction they say. Some reviews can be harsh, but you shouldn’t let them discourage you. After all, not everyone will be happy, but you should strive for the majority! If someone reviews your packing services, for instance, they can give you tips that you may not have considered. A business can only exist if there are customers and these reviews are their contribution.

Where to leave a review?

Most often than not, a company will have a review section on their website. This is the most convenient way to ensure everyone sees your thoughts. Other than that, there is always Google and even specialized websites dedicated to customer reviews, such as Yelp. Apart from the moving company’s domain, these two are the most common places people will look for reviews. If you’re not sure, you can always ask your movers! They will appreciate it either way, and a few kind words go a very long way.

Ways to write a review for a Japanese moving company

Let’s be honest, most people really don’t like to read long reviews. Truthfully, they simply don’t have the time and want some information right away. On the other hand, reviews that are too short aren’t going to help much. Sure, everyone appreciates a five-star review because it will help their overall standing. But, simply saying “It was great!” doesn’t tell that much to customers who are considering hiring this company. Here are a few tips:

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Rating a business on a scale from 1 to 5 is appreciated, but a more detailed review is more helpful.

Give a little background

When you decide to write a review for a Japanese moving company, keep in mind the things you needed to know before hiring them. For instance, if you were moving from Japan to China, write that in the review. Long-distance moves are common and others will love to read about your experience. You had a lot of bulky furniture and some fragile items? Write about how the movers handled that situation. Moved with kids? Include that in your story.

Write about the customer service

This is something that is completely subjective and cannot really be advertised by the company itself. The best way to paint a picture of a company’s customer service is by listening to the customers. Were they professional, friendly, polite? Did they respect the set schedule? A nice review will not only make the business owners happy but also the people who helped relocate you. On the other hand, in case you had a bad experience, you have the right to say that as well. Maybe the company won’t be too happy about it, but the potential customers should know what’s really going on. After all, each negative review helps shape the company in one way or another.

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If each customer gave a review of their moving experience, they would help others get the best service possible.

Last but not least, when you write a review about a Japanese moving company, include the results

Maybe even the most important part of your review will be the end results. Don’t leave people imagining how it all went – let them know! Say whether all your belongings arrived safe and sound and on time. Did anything get broken, and if so, did the company reimburse you for it? What your overall opinion with the company? Did they meet your needs and expectations? All of this will benefit future customers and business owners alike. Go ahead, write a review about a Japanese moving company and help others move as smoothly as you!

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