How to rent shipping containers?

Shipping containers can be a multi-purpose tool. They can be used as storage facilities or even as a foundation for a home. Some even use it as pools. There are many creative ways to use shipping containers. So no wonder that the question on everyone’s mind is how to rent shipping containers?

However, the downside is that they are really expensive. That is if you are thinking of buying them. That’s why leasing might be a better option for you. Whatever the case may be, you should make sure that you are getting a good deal from a reputable company, and there are several things to keep in mind when doing this – which we will outline below.

How to rent shipping containers
Shipping containers can be used for many different purposes besides storage.

What is a shipping container?

Shipping containers are humongous metal boxes that have a lot of space. The actual purpose of them is only limited to the owners’ imagination. Traditionally, they have been used to ship goods from point A to point B. Today, they have numerous purposes. From making a mall out of them to crafting a sauna in them.

However, most businesses tend to rent containers rather than to purchase them. The reasoning behind it is that it is more cost-effective and appropriate. When push comes to shove, no one wants to own a huge metal box that they will use to ship goods a few times a year.

How to rent a shipping container?

When deciding on renting a shipping container there are several things to keep in mind.

Do I need a permit in order to rent a shipping container?

Check your cities requirements regarding temporary use permit for shipping containers. Depending on the city, some may require you to have a permit, while others will not. Generally speaking, the closer the shipping container is to an urban area, the more likely that you will need a permit.



label accepted
Make sure you check the requirements of your city regarding permits and shipping containers!


How do I pay?

Don’t worry about payment, since most distributors accept credit cards, money or even checks. Just make sure you don’t forget to ask about the delivery cost. Since the delivery fee is usually determined by the mileage between the container and your property. That’s where the hidden costs can add up. So be sure to check with them in advance!

How long should I lease for?

Generally speaking, this is an individual thing. However, keep in mind that some suppliers tend to give better prices (read cheaper) when renting for a longer period of time. The best thing to do if you do not know for how long you will need a shipping container for is to ask them for a monthly renewable contract, to which they will gladly abide.

What to look for in a shipping container?

This again depends on your needs. As for the size, shipping containers generally come into two diameters – 20 footers (small) and 40 footers (large). However, if you need anything more specific than that you might want to contact your distributor and order a custom shipping container. However, keep in mind that this will cost more!

Inspect the shipping container. Look for indentations and rust damage. Take a mental image of the doors, the way the close and the overall condition of the floor. A good tip here is to walk inside the shipping container during daylight and close the door behind you. In the absolute darkness, look for any light shining through holes. This will tell whether the shipping container was beaten up or not. And whether it can withstand wind and water.

Shipping containers
Shipping containers come in all shapes and sizes.


Do I need to prepare the location where the container will ship?

This as well depends on your property. If your property is flat, there should be no problems in leveling. However, you might want to prepare the location if there are leveling issues. You can also ask your supplier if they offer this assistance for an additional cost.

Inquire about the company

So now that you know all the details of how to rent a shipping container… There is one more thing to do. Find out which company will suit your best. This is best done by giving a call to their customer support and asking a few questions. Take note of how they answer your questions and the level of service they provide. Just by this, you can get a really good feel whether this company is for you or not.

Fill out the paperwork

Finally, the finishing touches. Fill out the lease application with all the information they request. Most of this information is about what you will be stored in the containers. Also, you should keep in mind that they might request a deposit as insurance in case you do not return the shipping container. Some companies might even ask you to sign a waiver that they are not responsible for any damages that can occur during shipping, so keep that in mind!

We have outlined that renting shipping containers are a very cost-efficient way to get the best of both worlds. Not only are you getting all the storage space that usually comes from shipping containers but double the price!

In conclusion – what’s the best way to rent a shipping container?

While renting shipping containers you should keep in mind that you must decide on the size of the container that you want. You should also take into consideration the duration on which you plan to rent the container. And after you have done all that, make sure to contact the supplier who can meet all those demands. Ask them questions, gauge the quality of the service support, and finally – inspect the storage container. If all seems good – sign the paperwork and enjoy your new rented shipping container! And that’s how to rent shipping containers. Simple and easy.

So what are you waiting for? Find the best moving rates now, and rent your shipping containers now!

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