How to prepare your child to move abroad

Moving abroad can be quite a challenge but doing it with children is a whole new level. This can even be a traumatic experience for them if you don’t manage it right. There are many factors regarding their ability to adapt to a new situation like this and it is up to you to make it as easy as possible. It will take some time to prepare your child to move abroad but it is definitely worth it. Your kids will be thankful if you give your best in this situation.

Don’t let the stress get in the way

Especially if you have small children. Stress should be out of the picture if you are moving to the new place. If there is stress, the child will see the whole situation as something bad and hurtful and you don’t want that to happen. It is pretty sure they will be against the move in this kind of situation. Japan Relocation Services will make sure you don’t get stressed over moving abroad.

Prepare your child to move abroad- a smiling woman
Do not get stressed, focus on the children

Children’s feelings matter

Do not disregard your children’s feelings. Even if you are sure they will fit into a new environment in no time, don’t let their feelings undiscussed. Listen to how they feel and what do they want. Make sure they know you understand, and explain why you have to move. You are still the adult and make the last call It will be easier to prepare your child to move abroad if they feel like you hear them.

Age makes all the difference

Infants and small children feel like home where ever thair parents are so this is the perfect age for moving abroad. They won’t feel it and will adapt perfectly. Little older children have friends back home and will miss them but will adjust in no time. Teenagers are the most difficult group when it comes to dealing with the move but there are ways to make it all easy on them. You should prepare the pets for moving too if you have some.

Smiling baby
Infants and small children will feel at home wherever their parents are

The move should be stress-free so manage it well

Children must feel stress-free and so should you. To make sure nothing goes wrong, make sure you hire a suitable international moving companyThe professional moving company will help you manage everything without stress so you can help your children get ready for moving.

Language is a great way to start

If you are moving to a country where the other language is used, get the children to learn that language. It is a good choice for several reasons:

  • It’s the best way to prepare your child to move abroad without the cultural shock,
  • Takes up the time so they won’t stress about the move,
  • Moving will be easier on them if they can communicate,
  • School days will be much easier if they have the confidence to talk to new friends.

Include them, that will prepare your child to move abroad

You should include your child in moving, as much as they are capable of handling. Give them some chores regarding the move, like packing their own toys and such. When it comes to packing fragile items, think about using packing services. Include them in unpacking when you get to the new place as well.

Check the neighborhood before you pick one

Think about your childrends needs. Before you decide where are you moving to, take a good look at the neighborhood. Check if there is a good school nearby. Are the shops close to you? Are there any parks and playgrounds?  All of this is important for the child’s impression of this whole situation.

prepare your child to move abroad- a park
Make sure there is a park nearby

Explore the neighborhood with the child

Once you get to your new home, go out with the children. Explore the new city so it creates good memories for all of you. First impressions are very important for kids. Go out and see where the new school is, go to the zoo, to an amusement park, and let your children pick other destinations. You will need the money for these kins of activities so make sure you save as much as you can on relocation.

Make the new house feel like home

Once you get to the new house, let the children pick their rooms if it is possible. It will give them a sense of choice and independence, which is good for their self-esteem. If you got that covered, everything else will be much easier. Hang up your photos and other memories, so the house feels like home. If you are moving to a smaller house or apartment, get storage units Japan, so you save some space.

Don’t oversell

A common mistake among the parents is to oversell a new place and set the bar too high. If you promise a perfect place and the child feels differently when it gets there, it can be hurtful in many ways. First of all, the child will feel tricked and betrayed, and that can be a big problem. It can cause it to lose the trust in everything you say. It can also lead to problems at school and unwillingness to find friends. The child will not like the new place for a long time if it gets traumatized and lost the trust in you.

Maybe get a pet

If you don’t have one, maybe you should get a pet once you get to the new home. The dog is an excellent choice since it will get you to go out and explore the neighborhood, and make you and the child feel loved. Let the children choose the dog, or some other kind of pet if that is what they want.

A puppy
A dog could be a great choice for your family

Moving abroad is stressful since you are changing pretty much every aspect of your life. Moving to Japan is pretty shocking when it comes to everyday life. And doing it with children is even more stressful. But if you try to understand how is your child feeling, it will be much easier. Prepare your child to move abroad and it will be as fun as you can imagine.


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