How to Make Claims Against a Moving Company

Accidents happen to everybody and the moving companies are not an exception. Sometimes, some of our belongings get damaged in the moving process so we must not get angry but see what we can do to fix it. Making claims against a moving company is very well organized and not at all complicated. There are a couple of things we can do before the move to make making claims against the moving company easier.

Make sure you have:

  • Photographed your belongings before the packing, so you can make claims against a moving company easier
  • React as soon as you notice the damage
  • Photographed your belongings if they are damaged
making claims against a moving company- a gavel
If the moving company tries to                fraud you, sue them

Make sure you are prepared for this situation

Your belongings are supposed to get picked up by the moving company? Make sure you get ready before they arrive. First of all, make sure everything is packed safely and label the boxes that contain fragile belongings. Even better, hire professional packers Japan so you are sure that your belongings are packed firmly and professionally. There are more things you can do. Take pictures of the belongings as you are packing them or before the professional packers arrive. This way you will have the evidence of the state of your belongings before the moving company claimed them. And that can be the difference between the won or lost sue. Once you decide to make claims against the moving company, do not give up.

Document everything

Pay attention to the way the movers are handling your belongings. If you notice that your stuff is not being handled with care, make sure you tell the movers to be more careful. Once they unloaded the truck, open the boxes and take pictures of the damaged stuff, if there is any. You need to be certain that the belongings were not damaged before the move, so taking photos is important. If you want to make claims against a moving company, you will need all the evidence you can get. If you want everything taken care of professionally, get the professional debris removal.

making claims against a moving company- a camera
Make sure you photograph your belongings                                 before the move

Contact the moving company

Professional moving companies, like Japan Relocating Service, will do their best not to damage your belongings. But if there are damaged items, make sure you contact the moving company first. Every state has its own way of dealing with this issue so make sure you understand your rights. Once you contact the moving company, depending on the state, they will have some time to answer you.

A man with the mobile phone
Make sure you contact the moving company if                        there is a problem

Paperwork required to make claims against a moving company

The moving company will require you to deal with some paperwork as well. They will request photos of the damaged items, written claim that states what is damaged, how and when, and probably the receipts for the damaged items. Make sure to send everything as soon as possible so they can finish their part of the job soon as well. After you send everything, they will most likely send over the proposal about settling the problem outside the court. It’s up to you to accept or deny the proposal. it is depending on the state you are in so make sure you inform yourself, especially after the international shipping of your belongings.

What to do if you are being ignored by the moving company?

If the moving company is not reacting and answering your complaints, make sure you contact the local DMV. Make sure you are respectful and opened in your communication with the moving company. The process might take a while but you need to be patient. The DMV will make sure everything is done in time and according to the law.

Other kinds of problems with the moving companies

Not only damage should be complained about. There are other reasons, and sometimes even frauds that the moving companies try to get you on. Make sure you know your rights.

Late shipments

This is one of the most common reasons for making claims against a moving company. Make sure to remember that sometimes, running late is just not the mover’s fault. Bad weather conditions, traffic jams, and vehicles getting broken are one of them. If your shipment is being late, first check if the date and time you memorized are correct. Then contact the moving company and require an explanation.

If the movers are running late,                 demand an explanation

False claim

There are other reasons to make a claim against the moving company. Sometimes, moving companies give you a really low price when they are offering the service. But once they load all of the boxes, they claim that you acceded the estimated weight and ask you to pay more, sometimes much more. They even double the cost sometimes. To avoid this make sure to ask for all of the additional costs that can possibly happen so you know how much everything is going to cost you realistically.

Your belongings getting lost

This can also happen. The belongings getting lost is not that uncommon. Make sure you notify the mover and inform them about the missing belongings. This is why you should label and write down the number on each box and check if any of them is missing as soon as you get to the new home.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is on your side

No matter what the claims are, you need to report the moving company to the FMCSA. Their database deals with this kind of problems. They will be able to help you out with getting the case. They will investigate the companies that are claimed to be frauding and ignoring the customers. In case you are still not happy with the outcome, make sure you contact a business attorney and sue the moving company in the small claims court.

Moving can be stressful and this is why so many people hire moving and packing services. But sometimes accidents happen. Moreover, some of the moving companies are going to try to trick you or ignore your complaints, hoping that you will give up. This is why you should not give up but do everything in your power to make sure you make claims against a moving company.


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