How to find the best moving rates

Moving is not only stressful… it is expensive. Which, in turn, only makes it more stressful. Frankly speaking, it can seem puzzling how much work and stress occur around the thing all of us will experience in some point in our lives, and many people experience over a dozen, chacing jobs, and opportunities. It takes a lot of planning and quite a lot of money, so people who are used to move to use various tricks to try to simplify the process. Keeping moving rates low is definitely one of them, so the question is often raised. What are the best moving rates and how can I find them?

Therefore, to answer this question we made something of a guide to introduce you to how to get the very best moving rates and how are moving rates calculated in general!

Best moving rates come from best companies

So, a good rule to know, especially if you are new to local or international moving – only work with good, honest, licensed companies! We cannot stress this enough. This is not some kind of advice to steer you away from do-it-yourself options. Rather, this for those who already decided that the professional movers are needed for them.

Best moving rates come from best companies
How do you pick a truly honest and professional moving company?

So what do we mean by an honest company? Many companies who turn out to be sketchy and fraudulent later appear, at first, as rather honest. People from them are usually down-to-earth, and sometimes even overly friendly. Fall not for such tricks. They will try to make you feel comfortable only so you don’t see all the red flags that will appear later, or for you to willingly ignore and rationalize them…

So how to avoid such fate? What are the necessary attributes from a desirable, valid moving company?

  • They are communicative – A good company will have a staff that is ready to answer all of your questions directly. Any “we will figure it out later” kind of statements or any other misleading, non-concrete answers are best avoided. Therefore, if you found a good moving company, they will most likely answer to your question of “how to find the best moving rates” honestly and directly. You are the customers and they will do all in their power for you to be armed with knowledge.
  • A good website – This one might seem unimportant, but when a company has a good website it means that it values its customers. A good website should be: 1)clean 2)presentable 3)updated 4)information-rich. Nothing should be confusing on purpose.
  • Licensed – the company should have a membership in movers associations and clear license, and ready to present this information if asked.

Be sure to leave a review

And one more thing your company should have – good reviews. Honestly, this is more important than people think. Good reviews mean real people, customers, had good experiences with the company. Furthermore, the lack of good reviews can be a bad sign. A lot of bad ones are outright alarming. However, no matter how much stars are granted, be sure to read exactly what the customer is complimenting/complaining about. Did they say that international shipping was reliable? That the storage units were dry and in good shape? Did they come on time? Is the price fine?

And you should leave a review too when the job is done! There are a plethora of good reasons to say to everyone just how was the move. It is an awesome way to both bring more customers to a company who has done a great job and a good way to prevent anyone else from being fooled by the bad, unreliable companies.

How is your move rate calculated

So now that you have chosen your preferred movers, it is time to turn your attention to how move rates are calculated. The main way of calculating fees is on whether a move is considered a local or long-distance move. Be very sure to consult your mover on this.

How is your move rate calculated
How is your move rate calculated?

For a long-distance move, you pay by the weight of your stuff. For a local move, you pay an hourly rate! Additional fees are for services such as packing service, special requests, logistical needs, etc…

More than one price estimation

When dealing with an honest moving company you can (and definitely should) request a price estimation. This should be a house visit, and never an over-the-phone type of thing. They need to be on the ground to evaluate how approximately much time will the job take or the weight of the items.

A good thing to note. There are binding and non-binding estimates. When counting on binding ones, be sure to know of the 110% rule many companies respect. It will prevent the final price to be more than 110% of the estimate.

Furthermore, be sure to check with the with more moving companies than one. This will help you get a clearer picture. Also, as we mentioned before, packaging, storage units, and many other different special services can be priced additionally.


The most direct way to get the best moving rates is to ask for discounts. Any respectable moving company will be ready to help you. Most common discounts are student and senior discounts. Generally speaking, a lot of population can fit into these two categories, but there are a lot of other special offers on the menu.

Finding good discounts can really help the final price of the move

However, companies have their own policy. Each and every one of them have different discounts, so you will have to contact them and ask as to be sure you can compare the prices and move on the cheap...

Clear communication

To conclude, the most important thing in this formula for best moving rates is clear communication with well-meaning companies. If you establish a healthy relationship with a moving company, you can rely on them for estimates to be accurate and services well executed. We wish you very best of luck in your relocation!


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