How to avoid international shipping scam

Once you decided to make a long-distance or even an international move, you are going to need a reliable moving company. This just might be a little more tricky than you think. Since the moving business is booming and a lot of people need the moving services, there are scammers that use the fact that people don’t assume that they will be cheated. This is how so many people get cheated annually. And the sums of money that they lose is not at all small. Especially when it comes to international shipping scams since international shipping can cost you a lot of money. This is where you need to be extra careful. If you do your research and make sure you pick the right movers, you will not be an easy target for international shipping scam.

Search the name of the company online so you make sure you are not a victim of international shipping scam

A simple Google search can make a difference between being tricked and knowing better. Googleing a companies name can reveal so much about the company, you would be surprised. Some of the moving companies that turned out to be scammers had many negative articles on Google before being publicly accused that you would have no trouble realizing that you should not hire them. But, even with all of these obvious clues, so many people continued to fall victim for quite a while. So, do the research. You should do the research when it comes to other services, like storage services as well. There are all kinds of services you could get tricked at.

international shipping scam- a man using Google
Searching the shipping company online can make a difference

Reviews are what counts

Make sure you read at least some of the review comets on the site of the moving or shipping company or elsewhere online. The reviews are the best clues on how the company is doing the business. Moving from Japan to USA is the situation you need to search both moving and shipping companies. If there are some issues, this is the place to find them. Take your time when doing this part of the research so you can really get a picture of all the aspects of the moving company. This way you can avoid falling a victim of international shipping scam.

Fright rate should not be the factor that decides what company you will pick

When it comes to international shipping scam events, what the shipping companies use as the bait for the naive and uncareful clients is low shipping prices. If something about the shipping price seems odd, double-check it.  Most moving and shipping companies will give you a free estimate. No shipping company will work without a profit. So if something seems to be too good to be true, check again. It probably is. So choose a shipping company by:

  • Reviews it has, so you see if they deal with international shipping scam
  • The longer it exists, the better
  • Comments on Google count as well
  • If it’s recommended by a friend, give it a go
international shilling scam- dollar bills
It’s not supposed to be the cheapest but the most reliable company that you pick

This goes for the door to port cargo transport as well. Other people’s experience with the moving company can’t be faked if you do your research right.

Use just the shipping companies that have been around for a long time

if the shipping company has been in the shipping business for a long time, they have seen it all- how to deal with all kinds of situations. They know what to do if something gets stolen, broken, damaged or if it’s lost. If your belongings are missing for any reason or the shipping company is late, they will know how to make it right. If the shipping company is not as experienced, you will have trouble tracking your shipment and you can’t be sure you made the right decision.

Take a good look at the agent

If you have a deal with a well-respected shipping company, you are still not safe. If the person that gets the package says he is the agent of the shipping company you made a deal with, make sure to check it. Many people have fall victim to this fraud. The agent turns up, you give the package to them and it gets stolen. That is because the agent wasn’t working for the shipping company you expected at all.

The stolen web site

Another popular international shipping scam. The shipping company is doing the business or a while and they have great reviews. Scammers can see it and decide to open up a company with practically the same name as the successful company so they seem successful as well. This way you can mix the names up and hire the wrong shipping company. Make sure you double-check both the website name, company name and the phone numbers before making a deal.

A website on a desktop
If you are looking at the companies website, make sure it’s not stolen

Check the BBB

The BBB is the Better Business Bureau. What they do is check all the aspects of the moving company for you. Here you can find the good quality businesses that are being promoted for various good qualities. Some of them are- respecting the deadlines, respecting the estimated expenses you will have, being professional and so on .his can help you when it comes to choosing a shipping company.

The general feeling about the shipping company should be your compass as well

Even if you just have a gut feeling about something not being right, that might be just enough to drop out of the deal. There probably was something that didn’t seem right, you just didn’t manage to process it at the time. Ti can be anything, from bad grammar and spelling, which are red flags as well, to something one of your friends said about that shipping company. Stop and think about it once more.

A man looking at the lap top
If you have a feeling that there is something wrong, listen to it, there are other shipping companies

Getting a shipping company is not easy since there are all kinds of companies out there. You can easily become a victim of the international shipping scam. That is the main reason for you to do the research. Make a decision only if you are sure that the company you found is the right one. Also, the best recommendation is the one you get from a family member or a friend. They will only recommend the shipping companies that they had a good experience with.

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