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When we founded our moving company back in 2012, we had fewer resources but big plans and even bigger dreams. Today, we can proudly say that we are one of the best international movers Japan has to offer. We strive to meet all your expectations to the fullest and improve our services every time we perform a relocation.

To All Members. To Our Honorable Customer

Between the thought and dilemma of history, there is an articulated corner. That is Time. When time is running the history runs simultaneously thought may not always be able to follow the high velocity of the first ones.

JRS comes to make its clients able to predict their needs and their capabilities predict their own moves and expense, thus follow the running of time comes over.

There was no time when I did not keep my promises toward my family, my employes and there will be no time when JRS does not fulfill its duties toward its customer and the environment around.

I swear.


Moumni Bouba / CEO

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